Welcome To Fufapay, privately owned Specialized Deposit-Taking Institution and Loans Company. A loan scheme designed by Fufanetwork for its employees, individuals, small businesses, and the underserved. The application process is simple and you get a decision in 24 hours.

Get a loan in 4 easy steps

Fast and easy — just fill out a form on our website.

We will check your application and send you an update within 24 hours.

We will send you a promissory note to sign. With no hidden fees.

Most of our borrowers receive funds the next business day.

Personal loan is a scheme by fufapay that serves individuals to  finance their personal commitments


● Long repayment period – maximum of 5 years
● Competitive interest rates
● Wide range of loan purpose – funeral, consumer item, education etc.
● Flexible payments structured according to the loan tenure

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The Salary Advance is a revolving overdraft facility granted to salary earners pending receipt of their monthly salary to enable them attend to or meet urgent financial obligations before salaries are paid. These financial obligations may include payment of school and medical bills, car maintenance, travelling and family expenses.


  • Bridges finance gaps
  • Helps cover small but urgent unexpected expenses between pay days
  • No collateral security required 
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