Our Workforce

Fufacare is every employee or representatives on our platforms they are the frontline soldiers we depend on to deliver our mission.

With over 200 currently employed and making a living through our platform in diaspora, we still push harder to reach out to more as we are relentless in changing and turning lives around for good


We aim to build the future infrastructure of Commerce, Food, Transport and Financial services . We envision that our services will become a household name for at least 200years. 


This is a special event that is created to thanks our employees for their constant effort. while outstanding performances are rewarded with trips and gifts we still make sure we give out the Take off package to those who did not perform above standard in the past year. 

We don’t joke with those who stand by us through thick and thin. why we witness those who will come and go we take seriously those who work with us from 1year and above. and there’s always a present for every year

Fufacare Program

The first period to examine intentions, behavioral pattern & personal differences on any applicant or volunteer.

When you have completed all requirements to become a fufacare personnel. here we breath in you the vision and our mission. building you to become a physical representation of our company 

This is the final stage where your experience and contribution to our company pays off. from promotions, vacations, allowances and more. To every significant change we made fufacare agents are responsible so they must be appreciated with one of the above.

Job Openings

Everyone that meets the requirements to work in our organization is welcome to apply for any position when there’s a vacancy.

How to know  : We announce through our social media platforms. follow us or subscribe to our newsletter to get an alert when there’s a vacancy.

If you have a special skill or need to work with us. kindly send your CV and job details to fufacare@fufanetwork.com.

Join Fufacare

You are welcome to join our community . We are still growing and our foundation is based on setting the pace for the future. it means we are open to any one who is ready to bring initiatives to the table.

We believe that a strong sense of shared values enables us to maintain a common company culture and community, no matter how large we grow.
  1. Employees: You can work with us in any of our products, all you have to do is follow the right channel or sending your cv with a message showing what you can do and where you want to fit in to fufacare@fufanetwork.com
  2. Shares & Investors: While we do all we can to grow . We are ready to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to become a part of us either Through our shares programs or Investing schemes.  To see more on Investor Relations Click Here