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Our Solution for everyday revolves around Cleaning, Agriculture, E-commerce, Real-estate and Transportation. You can start your Financial journey here.

Our Mission

Solution for everyday

Since 2014 we have been Serving and creating lasting solution through our eco-system regardless of culture, religion or gender in Africa. We believe that every African should have limitless access to services and products, initiatives that can bring out individual potentials.

People First

Opportunities with Fufacare .

Our strength is in *people* and we make sure that every product from our platform provides a smooth experience for every one from employees to end users. Fufanetwork is Fufacare and Fufacare is all about people

The Future

Core commerce, and innovation initiatives.

We invest in cutting-edge technology, create/develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in new materials in our research centers around Africa.

What Are We Upto ?

Our Ecosystem Across Africa

Digital and Physical products can now be accessed through the unlimited platforms across African Countries and counting…


Whatever it is you wish to buy, Fufatrade offers you all and lots more at prices which you can trust. You can simply select your currency and shop on the go.


A wonderful blend of Delicious Food, Relaxation center and Excellent Carwash Service. We’re known for superior customer experiences.


With our farm-lands across Nigeria, Togo and Ghana, you can enjoy fresh from farm products delivered to your door step or your businesses in any quantity and on time


Save with our Daily-pay Program, Enjoy end of year bonus for every savings. Loan instantly and trade crypto for any services we offer via Fufapay.

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What our clients think about us now

Creating endless opportunities for Africans, Our businesses are been established across African countries

Questions and answers


What Services do you offer ?

Our services are based on solving the underserved African daily problems through our Ecosystems : Finance, Cleaning, Food, Trading & Real-estate.


Why Africa ?

This is our heritage, we must do all we can to add to the society so that the generations coming will have a better platform than we do. This is why we are also grateful for technology as we are using this inventions to enhance our pride.


Can I Invest In your ecosystem and what do I stand to achieve ?

We are open to investors and philanthropists who can see this fire in us and are ready to make history through what our team is bringing to the table. To have a proper insight, one on one discussion with our C.E.O Samuel C. Future and to see the road map and prospects of Fufa Network. Kindly Click here

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