Company Overview

Fufa Network Limited
Our Mission

A Corporation founded 8 years ago By Samuel Future & Samuel Faithful, our Group has an extensive portfolio of companies that offer the most complete range of innovative brands to meet your every need, Our businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media entertainment, and innovation initiatives.

An ecosystem has developed around our platforms and businesses that consists of consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, third-party service providers, strategic alliance partners and other businesses.

Each Fufa company operates independently and is encouraged to cultivate its individual strengths and spirit of initiative. Fufa headquarter defines investment strategies, exercises controlling and review, and sustains business development for each company, while also providing the reliability and know-how of a large international group.

We hope Fufa will become an important part of your world.

People First

Our focus is on people. We try to bring out the best in all the people who work for us by offering opportunities to grow professionally and personally. Each and every one of the people who distributes or uses our products is important to us. Here we believe every customer has his own special needs and we are here to listen and find the best solution for you.

Shared Ideas

 Fufa network is comprised of a diverse range of companies freely sharing a rich and varied heritage of ideas and cultural experience so that we can grow, generating new business and new innovations for you, our customer.

So we have made sure that apart from the basic principle that has been the foundation from our Founders (Samuel Future & Samuel Faithful) which is Serving and creating lasting solution regardless of culture, religion gender. we improve our service by listening to people from different countries where we operate.

The Future

We strongly believe in shaping the future and we are doing that today. Fufa network continues to develop with new acquisitions. We invest in cutting-edge technology, develop innovative solutions and conduct experiments in new materials in our research centers around Africa. This commitment to the future is something our clients can count on to give them the best today.

Growth Process

Fufa network was created

Fufatech was created . First branch operated in Benin city Nigeria, in December a branch was created in Badore Aja Lagos

  • Fufatrade was created
  • Fufatech branch in Takoradi Ghana was created
  • Fufatrade sponsored programs to gain awareness around African countries
  • Featured in media
  • Fufapickup was created acquired its first vehicle sets and started delivering across Nigeria and Africa

Fufatrade official operational center acquired in Asaba, Nigeria. Began steps that will lead to Fufatrade becoming a platform that people will rely on to trade across Nigeria, Togo, Ghana

  • Fufatrade partners with Outstanding Companies like  Hisense, Lg in Nigeria 
  • Fufa-trade Service center in Ghana fully operational
  • Fufa-carwash Created & Building Of the Restaurant commenced
  • Fufa-Estate created. first physical properties acquired across Nigeria, Ghana.
  • Fufacarwash Fully operational in Togo
  • Fufapay Created
  • Fufapay product comparative testing begins with grate success