Board Of Directors

Fufa Partnership

The foundation of Fufa Network travels back to partnership between Samuel Future & Samuel Faithful. The importance of partnership and maintaining relationship between two or more entities is a culture we will always depend on.

Ever since the creation of this grate platform we have never stopped to plan and depend on ideas that will come into networking phases with our ideas to form a network that will cut across different views while we maintain the core values of service. 

since the inception we have not gathered over 5shareholders across different countries and still open to more as we grow. 

To be eligible for election, a partner candidate must have demonstrated the following attributes:

a high standard of personal character and integrity;
continued service with Fufa Network, our affiliates and/or certain companies with which we have a significant relationship, such as Hisense, for not less than five years;
a track record of contribution to the business of Fufa Network; and
being a “culture carrier” who shows a consistent commitment to, and traits and actions consonant with, our mission, vision and values.

We believe the criteria and process of the Alibaba Partnership applicable to the election of new partners, as described above, promote accountability among the partners as well as to our customers, employees and shareholders. In order to align the interests of partners with the interests of our shareholders, we require that each partner maintain a meaningful level of equity interests in our company during his or her tenure as a partner. Since a partner nominee must have been our employee or an employee of one of our related companies or affiliates for at least five years, as of the time he or she becomes a partner, he or she will typically already own or have been awarded a personally meaningful level of equity interest in our company through our equity incentive and share purchase or investment plans.

The main duty of partners in their capacity as partners is to embody and promote our mission, vision and values. We expect partners to be evangelists for our mission, vision and values, both within our organization and externally to customers, business partners and other participants in our digital economy.

The partnership committee must consist of at least five but no more than seven partners, including partnership  continuity members, and is currently comprised of Samuel Future, and Samuel Faithful The partnership committee is responsible for administering partner elections and allocating the relevant portion of the annual cash bonus pool for all partner members of management, with any amounts payable to partners who are our executive officers or directors or members of the partnership committee subject to approval of the compensation committee of our board of directors. Either one or two partners may be designated as partnership committee continuity partners, and currently the partnership committee continuity members consist of Samuel Future and Samuel Faithful. Other than partnership committee continuity members, the partnership committee members serve for a term of five years and may serve multiple terms. Elections of partnership committee members are held once every five years. Partnership committee continuity members are not subject to election, and may serve until they cease to be partners, retire from the partnership committee or are unable to discharge duties as partnership committee members as a result of illness or permanent incapacity. A replacement partnership committee continuity partner is either designated by a retiring or, as the case may be, the remaining, partnership committee continuity member. Prior to each election, the partnership committee will nominate a number of partners equal to the number of partnership committee members that will serve in the next partnership committee term plus three additional nominees less the number of the serving partnership committee continuity members. Each partner votes for a number of nominees equal to the number of partnership committee members that will serve in the next partnership committee term less the number of the serving partnership committee continuity members, and all except the three nominees who receive the least votes from the partners are elected to the partnership committee.